LIPOLI FT Chin Structure

Special Remodelling and Toning Cream
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Manufacturer: Natural Project Sport
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Treatment cream desig ned to act on skin laxity and folds, and on imperfections of excess fat located in the area between the chin and the neck.

Its specific action is to reshape the chin lines and redensify the skin in order to attenuate the imperfections caused by excess subcutaneous fat which becomes ever more visible as the skin’s support fibres lose their tonicity.

The content in ALFA IDROSSI ACIDS (glycolic acid and pyruvic acid) smoothes the surface of the skin, making it more receptive to the components of natural origin present in the cream. PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE, a molecule of natural origin, properly vehiculated, allows to achieve a good reduction of imperfections caused by localized fat deposits. The synergistic action with Vitamin C contained in FORMA ATTIVA (ACTIVE FORM) effectively stimulates collagen production to provide elasticity and tonicity to the tissues: the one with GUARANA, rich in xanthenes, is effective to ensure the remodelling effect. The CERAMIDES,essential skin nutrients, tonify and smooth the skin while the GYCOL IC EXTRACTS of Equisetum arvense and Calendula officinalis nourish and remineralize the skin in depth. After one cycle of application of the product lasting approximately 40 days, the skin will become visibly firmer and smoother, and the facial lines attenuated.

Main ingredients: Glycolic Acid and Pyruvic Acid, Phosphatidylcholine, Vitamin C, Guarana,Ceramides, Equisetum, and Calendula.



Dermatologically tested.

30 ml bottle

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